I earn a full-time income from writing — here’s my daily routine

I have been operating as a freelance author for an entire year! Since I wrote last month, it has been an unbelievable rides left $120,000 within my first year, composed (and got paid ) almost 100 tales, and that I managed to come across the balanced life I had been searching for the last ten decades.

Once I wrote that story, a lot of you inquired about my normal day for an independent author. Even though none of my times are average , I figured I would share a Fairly typical version of the day:

I wake up every morning at 7:30 am.

I use an alarm clock since I am not a single person. Whenever until 9 am looks far too premature for my entire body! I roll out of bed, brush my teeth, and then put in the shower straight away. Afterward, I make breakfast (usually eggs, toast and avocado or yoghurt, fruit, and granola) and simmer for 10 minutes using a cup of java. I just picked up meditation at the last calendar year, but it has been very life-changing because of my capacity to concentrate on appreciation and for my own writing job.

After breakfast, I get dressed and go to my office.

I work in the Riveter, a female-forward co-working area in Seattle. I have worked there because I started my own company and it is my favourite spot to be. The membership is not quite pricey (only $200 a month) and also the workplace has infinite coffee, tea and seltzer, assembly rooms, telephone call rooms, tons of workshops and also meet-up classes, and also a fantastic view of the property. Oh, and they constantly have complimentary Theo’s Chocolate!

I usually work at my office three days per week from about 9:30 am till 2 pm.

Over the days when I am not in work, I am usually out doing in-house screening or viewing a story. Occasionally I am also out trekking or analyzing equipment!  Additionally, I spent the following morning hanging out with a number of my freelancer buddies. The following week, I am considering seeing a friend’s lake home on Thursday, along with my spouse and I’ll go trekking on Tuesday, that will be among the off days (He is a nurse). I sometimes work at home, but these occasions are far and few between since when I work from home a lot of I feel isolated and shlubby. I also occasionally work in coffee shops, but this can get pricey and the world wide web usually is not terrific.

At the office (and at home), I work best in aggressive spurts for short periods of time.

After I sit downI go through my email and use it like a to-do listing. I then prioritize my jobs for the dayand compose a record in my laptop (I have one ), and also have to work.

Now, by way of instance, I spent approximately one hour shuffling via mails.

I am scheduling interviews out for my own weekly moderate column, The Health Diaries, therefore I had been corresponding with people to get them put up in my calendar for the upcoming few months.  Afterward I transcribe the recording, then edit that down to some narrative, and include an introduction and photograph.

After moving through these mails, I stumbled out a couple of payments.

 I logged in to Quickbooks and double checked my own documents.  Afterward I processed two obligations which had come and moved tax money from my company account into a savings account. I’ve got a method for assessing payments as they come so that I do not eliminate an eye on those. I get tons of pitches daily from PR people and sadly, most are not worth my time. Many do not even fit the subjects that I cover, however they really do clog my inbox. I typically mass delete those from the morning simply to clear some space for the remainder of my job!

Once I kind through administrative jobs such as these, I usually begin writing.


My writing is greatest between 10 am and 1 pm, and which I attempt to work with those hours so. Now I constructed a draft to get a way to backpacking tents, which meant carrying a great deal of my study and placing it in an abstract form. Tomorrow, I will return through and add a lot of the facts, but for the time being, there are place holders in the marketplace. It is a tough, rough draft, however it can help to know that I have started on the path to completing that mission.  I got through a number of these edits, then needed to stop to get a meeting.Typically, my mornings have been punctuated with interviews however now I had been fortunate enough to have a several-hour section of silent. Next weekI have three or even four interview calls daily! Each telephone is just 30 minutes but they also require a great deal of power and focus.

Some mornings I meet with customers.

I carry on a couple of writing training customers each month, simply because I really like teaching. Now I met a girl who is learning how to construct personal essays. She has been advancing very fast and also our sessions generally fly .

At this moment, I am usually just a tiny brain fried.

I will normally eat lunch at the office (typically something I have packaged, including leftovers from the evening before), although I finish up a couple of administrative jobs which come while I was operating. I always try my very best to just check my email every couple of hours, so that I will maintain focus. I likewise don’t utilize social websites while I am working. Now I replied emails from a couple of my editors and assessed in on several pitches I had sent out weekly.

Following work, I will head home or outside to run errands.

This provides me a mind break and permits me to find outdoors. If I want to grocery store or choose up something, I do it now since areas are not too busy! Now, that supposed driving my husband into the airport and picking out some fresh v-necks at Target.Approximately 2 pm, I still come home and stroll on the dog.After our walkI settle back on the sofa back to pick up my job. Now I spent a couple of hours shuffling through edits in my CBG narrative, putting outside to-dos for tomorrow and writing this site.

From 4:30 pm, my own job mind is turned away.

Freelance writing Writer

I am none of those men and women who can push and operate in the evenings — and also the advantage of working for myself is I can work when I am most new. If I truly have to keep working, I will do jobs like search for upcoming stories, that takes up less regular attention.

Once I put down my computer, I workout.

 I attempt to acquire movement in daily, even though the format changes. Occasionally I go to a stroll with a buddy, occasionally I struck up a biking or yoga class, or occasionally I take the puppy outside for a fast run around the area. Recently, I have been enjoying performing my own yoga courses in our garden, or performing Kait Hurley’s internet workout courses. I’ve workout ADD, therefore I attempt to keep things distinct daily. I really like cooking and attempt to cook virtually every night as it is more affordable, healthier, and also a fantastic means to silence my mind after an entire day of living on the internet, talking to folks, and digesting info. My husband comes home at about 7 pm and we are going to eat together and see a series. He then does the dishes each and every night because he is the very best!

In the eveningsI read or listen to podcasts.

 Occasionally I’ll meet up with friends, also, but I am fairly introverted and find that I generally need to decompress at the close of the day.  I save most of my social time for my day weekends or breaks.  I try to keep off screens in the evening and am usually asleep by 11 pm.  I’ve got a white noise machine, eye mask, and earplugs since, as I said earlier, I am a baby and I love (need!)  My sleep.

Figuring out a program that is appropriate for me was a small battle, particularly because I had been on somebody else’s program once I worked for a provider.

I do not need to appear everywhere at any given moment and that I will do exactly what I need all days! I find that using a regular helps me remain productive, however. Most days proceed by in a methodical pace, though I make attempts to mix this up by adding at a mid-week increase and carrying Fridays off, particularly during the summertime.