We are all familiar with WhatsApp, one of the leading messaging application in the app stores today. The developers are known for the quality and the reliability of their application, Digital Gujarat Common Service Portal even after it’s service has been on the market for over six years. However, some users still want to have a status in the messenger, as they wish to display some personal information with a status, especially when they are out. If you too want to add status in Whatsapp Web, it is possible.

In fact, when new users to try the application, they will notice that there is a help section, where they can get some answers in a quick manner. However, if you think that this is not helpful, then you can go directly to the site’s Web version. Go to its home page, and then type the terms and conditions, under the help tab. You will see the WhatsApp Web Whitout QR Code feature there. This feature allows you to make sure that a status in WhatsApp Web scan QR code, which you will get with your phone, will be properly displayed.

WhatsApp will allow you to scan a QR code, Digital Gujarat Common Service Portal which is included in its application. It will not allow you to add a status, but the same information can be given in your message by saying that it is stored in your contact history. And there is the possibility that other users in your contact list also have an official status and can also send you a status in Whatsapp Web. However, the only problem with this method is that you cannot add any other status on your message. Therefore, it is best that you write the status of the people in your contacts list.