Everyone has seen the dream of Digital Gujarat. For this, many efforts are being made continuously by the government and its ancillary departments. All the work being done by Digital Gujarat is done to take Gujarat forward. Its biggest objective is to create Gujarat as a digital Gujarat. For this, students from economically weaker and deprived sections of the society have to provide financial help for studies. Gujarat is working at the school level and college level for this.

Gujarat offers a number of scholarships for students of all age groups including students at research level through a wide range of functions by Government. And tries to connect them to Digital India. Government has also released a portal for Digital Gujarat, designed to help Gujarati citizens. It is the best portal of the Gujarat State Government in today’s saint. Through this, many works of Digital Gujarat are accomplished.

What is Digital Gujarat Portal?

We want to tell you first of all, What is Digital Gujarat Portal and how it works. Digital Gujarat portal is an online services platform, where you can get the benefit of different services related to Digital Gujarat sitting at home. If you want to get registered for anything, then you should use Digital Gujarat portal. Through this, all facilities can be taken online from mobile or computer. The Government of Gujarat has launched this portal in 2020. The main purpose of which is to make people aware of the Internet and to give the benefit of Internet related services to the students studying. Digital Gujarat Portal gives us many online services, which we will tell you below in this article.

Digital Gujarat Citizens Services

Digital Gujarat provides a wide range of citizen services under the portal. In which many citizen services are available for the people of Gujarat, which they can use from home. The main objective of such services is to connect the people to the digital revolution and provide them all the facilities at home. Many people go to different departments to get these services, but through Digital Gujarat portal they will be able to get all the services sitting at home.

Which is Digital Gujarat Citizen Services?

  • Scholarship portal
  • Application for new ration card
  • Senior citizen certificate
  • Non-Creamy Layer Certificate For Gujarat Government
  • Application For New Ration Card
  • Application For Ration Card Member Guardian
  • Non-Creamy Layer Certificate For Central Government
  • ST Caste Certificate (Panchayat) (Rural)
  • Income Certificate
  • Income Certificate (Panchayat) (Rural)
  • Farmer Certificate
  • Character proof card
  • ST caste certificate
  • income certificate
  • Other types of certificate

We have given you the services mentioned above through this portal. Along with this, more than 70 more citizen services are available in this, which can be used by the citizens of Gujarat.

How to register /login on Digital Gujarat?

To use Digital Gujarat Portal, you have to first get yourself registered in it. We are going to tell you the simplest way for this, through which you can easily avail the services in it.

Digital Gujarat

It is very easy to login on Digital Gujarat Portal.

  1. The first is to search the official website of Digital Gujarat Portal on your mobile or computer. When you open it, you will see the option of Register and Login on the corner. If you have not registered in it yet, then you click Register. If you have registered, then click on login.
  2. After clicking on Online Registration, a page will open in front of you. Here you have to fill the details, in this your name address, address, mobile no. Aadhar card information will be asked. After filling all the details, click on Save Button.
  3. After saving, OTP will come on your given mobile number, after putting it, your Register Process is complete.
  4. After this the page of Online Registration Stage 2 will open, in which you have to fill some elementary information. After this, press the Save button and save. Now from here on the civilian profile page will be redirected.
  5. After going to the citizen profile page, you can update the profile, if you want to change something in it, then you can do it. After updating your account will be created on Digital Gujarat portal.
  6. When you want to use Digital Gujarat portal for the second time, you do not have to register, just you have to login directly using your id password.

The initial requirement to use the service from Digital Gujarat portal is that the user needs to be registered with the portal, only then he can get the benefit of the services available in it.

Digital Gujarat Scholarship

Among the services of Digital Gujarat, the highest attention is given by the Government to Digital Gujarat Scholarship. Digital Gujarat Scholarship is such a portal of Gujarat government, in which scholarship is available for all the primary and college students of Gujarat. Its purpose is to provide financial help to all those students who are financially weak. All students can apply to get scholarships from this.

A special campaign is run by the Government of Gujarat, in which many scholarship schemes are also available for girls. With this, with the study of financially weak girls, their bright future can be built and their future can be improved. This service is operated by the Government of Gujarat and its subsidiaries. Gujarat government provides many scholarships for students of all age groups including students at school level, college level. A detailed list of related eligibility criteria, application process and award details is included for this. If one wants to continue studies after 12th standard, one can get a similar scholarship by applying through this portal.

For Digital Gujarat Scholarship – Major Eligibility

To get it under Digital Gujarat Scholarship, you have to have some eligibility. Which scholarships can you apply for? For which you fulfill their conditions. One of the key eligibility criteria applicable for scholarship to all Gujarat students is that you must be a permanent resident of the state of Gujarat. Along with this, you are studying in a Gujarat state school or college. Scholarships vary for everyone. When you login to the portal for more information, you get detailed information.

Process to apply in Digital Gujarat Scholarship –

  • First go to the official website of Digital Gujarat.
  • Log in there through your id
  • Select Request a new service on the portal dashboard.
  • In this, you see the list of departments, here select Tribal Development Department.
  • If you want to apply for Umbrella Scheme for ST Post Matric Scholarship, select it and click continue for service
  • Here, you will show your Request ID and Application ID.
  • Fill the requested information carefully and click on submit.

Digital Gujarat Mobile App

Digital Gujarat Mobile App has also been launched by the Government of Gujarat, for this you do not need to use your computer. You can do many things from this mobile through this application. You can take advantage of the available plans in this by installing just one app in your mobile. You will also find this application easily on Google Play Store. Press the install button, and use it.

Digital Gujarat

You can also use Digital Gujarat Helpline Number for any other information. When you call this number, you will get digital You get all the information related to Gujarat portal for free. The Government of Gujarat has made this service to solve the small problems faced by citizens.

Digital Gujarat e Pass Lockdown System-

One can also apply for a pass for the ongoing lockdown in the Corona period through the Digital Gujarat portal. Today, there is a lockdown in many places in the whole country due to Corona virus, but if you need to go to any other city away from your home, you need to take permission for it. In view of this, a process called COVID 19 e pass has been created according to the orders of both the Gujarat Central Government and the State Government. In which people can enter their names and reach their respective homes safely.

If you also want to get Digital Gujarat e pass or want to apply for it online, you can use Digital Gujarat portal. Through this, you can take permission to go anywhere from home. This feature has been updated in the portal some time back.


Provided you with all the information about Digital Gujarat. Digital Gujarat portal is the best portal of Gujarat government in which many services related to the state of Gujarat have been taken to citizens. If a citizen has to apply for a ration card, he no longer needs to apply to go to another department; he can contribute through this portal. Also Character proof card, ST caste certificate, income certificate etc. can also be applied for making. Now under Digital Gujarat, you get all the facilities like scholarship, income certificate, PAN card, Aadhaar card on one portal.

You must definitely tell us this information of our day. If you want other information related to Digital Gujarat, then you can comment on us.