Learning a foreign language can be an intimidating task. Digital Portal Gujarat Scholarship There are many students who think that only natives can speak a foreign language fluently. This is not true because native speakers of many languages have developed an accent in certain areas of their speech and also have distinctive words and phrases that they speak. Also, there are some people who simply speak differently from others. This does not mean that you cannot learn a foreign language. Rather, it is important to understand that by knowing a foreign language, you are no longer restricted to the language spoken by native speakers.

Writing is an Indonesian word for “insistence”resistance”. This Chinese idiom emphasizes the importance of not giving up. You cannot change your way of speaking. However, you can set your mind to speak the language fluently. And one effective way to do this is to practice by speaking it regularly even if you are a native speaker. As much as possible, speak to yourself by using your native tongue. You will eventually get used to the way your language sounds and will be able to carry out the same intonation pattern throughout your speech.

One more Chinese idiom, writing on the actual words of a phrase, cannot be taught to beginners. However, you can make use of writing on the actual pronunciation. Digital Portal Gujarat Scholarship This can be done by listening to the phrase again. Try to get used to the way the individual words sound and pronounce. Also, try to imitate the pronunciation of the individual words by creating different combinations of sounds and pronunciations. As you do this, it will become easier for you to speak correctly. It is very important to start practicing by speaking the foreign language repeatedly.