Link PAN Card to HDFC A PAN card is a really important document using a specific ten-digit alphanumeric identification code issued by the Income Tax Department of India. It is quite important to connect your PAN card into your bank accounts. Should you possess a legal PAN card and an account with any of those banks in India, then you may easily join your PAN to this specific bank accounts. An individual can connect their PAN card for their bank accounts offline or online. In case you’ve got an account with HDFC lender and have not connected your PAN card on it however, it is possible to do this now by following the instructions cited in the report.

How to Link PAN card with HDFC Account Online “Link PAN Card to HDFC”

An individual may also join their PAN card using their HDFC Account online in the comfort of the home without needing to go to the bank. Listed below are some steps which have to be followed as a way to join PAN card using all the HDFC Account on the internet.

Link PAN Card to HDFC
  • Login to your HDFC internet banking account by visiting the Internet Banking HDFC page.
  • Enter your Internet Banking Customer ID and password when you enter the web page.
  • Once you’ve logged into your Internet Banking account, select the ‘Request’ option on the left side of the window.
  • Select the ‘Add/ Update Pan number’ option in the drop-down menu under the ‘Request’ option.
  • Enter your PAN number in the space provided specifically for that and select the ‘continue’ option.
  • The bank will send you a confirmation on message as soon as your PAN number is updated.

How to Link PAN card with HDFC Account Offline

An individual can join the PAN card using their HDFC Account Offline by following the aforementioned steps.

  • Visit the HDFC bank where you have your maintain your bank account.
  • Ask for a PAN card number updation form.
  • Fill in the form with the required details. Ensure to fill in the correct details.
  • Submit the form to the bank officials. The officials might ask to see your PAN card if needed.
  • You will receive an update from the bank when your PAN card is linked to your account.

Normally the PAN amount is upgraded within a week along with confirmation is delivered to the client whether or not they upgraded it offline or online. It’s crucial to keep in mind that only people may use the internet method to connect their PAN card using their HDFC Account. Link PAN Card to HDFC Businesses, businesses, HUFs, doctors, along with other non- person entities must pay a visit to the nearest HDFC Bank branch to connect their PAN to their own accounts.