The JBL Charge 4 Charger is one of the many JBL sound systems on the market today. It looks similar to the original Charge 3, only it has fewer styling features like the Boom Range Ultimate Ears model. It is a small, mid-sized portable speaker that sits on its own stand. Instead of upright like the UE Boom model, this product has a semi-spherical shape on its back. Unlike the Boom range, this model sits on its own stand, not on its base.

Like the Ultimate Ears model, the JBL version also has simplified designs. However, unlike the UE boom model, the Charge has an active radiator on each end. It has a tweeter as well as a midrange driver and woofer in a separate box that makes the unit easier to transport and transportable too.

A unique design feature is that the speaker comes in a carrying case, but without its motor, or with the motor, only the casing is included with the product. Other than this unique feature, the rest of the product comes standard with its features, like volume control, bass control, mid/high control, bass response and equalizer.

With the JBL Charge 4 Charger, you can now have high level quality audio system without sacrificing looks and style. If you do not mind looking like a bass freak with a big, bulky portable speaker, then this product is for you. If you are the opposite type of person and love the look and feel of a small, easy to transport product, then this product is not for you.

You will find that the JBL Charge 4 Charger comes in two models. There is a basic model that has the tweeter and midrange drivers built into a single box. It has an easy to carry base that is equipped with a storage bag. There is also a premium model that comes with the tweeter and midrange and woofer in a single box with a carrying case.

The price of this product is quite competitive and is about the same as the original Charge, and is a great value for your money. I would recommend that if you are looking for a portable unit, look no further than the JBL charge 4.

This is a small and portable device, that is designed to have a wide range of performance, including being used in a large home cinema or music room. Because it is such a versatile unit and can be used in so many environments, I would recommend this product to students, professionals and home owners alike. There are many different models available that offer different types of sound from a very bass heavy, thumping sound, all the way to a smooth low end sound.

The sound you get out of the JBL Charge 4 Charger is very nice for those who are into surround sound. The only downside with the sound is that you cannot adjust the treble and the mid-frequency range.