The United Kingdom’s leading IPTV provider is a network of world-class, Movies Anywhere Firestick high-speed satellite-linked computers running IPTV software. This service has helped many people to watch their favourite channels such as HBO and Showtime as well as many international channels and other IPTV add-ons.

TellyHost was established in 1998 by Eric and Laurie Milton. They were making regular flights to and from the United States and needed a way to access the US IPTV channels. Eventually, Movies Anywhere Firestick they decided to provide their services and have continued to grow ever since. Eric is an award-winning business consultant who has used Iptv to boost his business significantly.

Eric created a new company, ‘TellyHost’ in 2020, to build upon the success of his previous company, ‘TellyTechnology’. His brother, John Milton was hired as CEO of TellyHost. Movies Anywhere Firestick He had been already an Iptv user for a number of years and was determined to create a service that could rival HBO and Showtime. The result was that TellyHost became the UK’s leading IPTV provider and has continued to grow over the years.

“Movies Anywhere Firestick”

Movies Anywhere Firestick

The initial problem for TellyHost was to ensure that they offered the services of the highest quality possible. This means that they must use the finest digital and hardware on the market so that every customer can experience the best possible viewing experience. The hardware consists of two digital video recorders, which record all live, Movies Anywhere Firestick recorded and replay events for playback at a later date. To provide the highest quality service they use state of the art software which processes and interprets these events.

Because the entire TellyHost set-up is dedicated to providing the very best in Iptv television, Movies Anywhere Firestick it is obviously one of the main reasons why IPTV users have been happy with the company. Another reason for their success is because they are offering its subscribers a choice of different satellite services. Customers can choose which satellite they would like to receive their channel line-up and in what specific time slots. By using this option they are able to spread their budget around the country, but still enjoy the full benefits of watching in a variety of different cities.

Another main reason why TellyHost is ranked number one for IPTV customers in the UK is that they offer a number of different subscription plans to suit all budgets. From the base package which offers 12 simultaneous channels, Movies Anywhere Firestick a choice of pay per view events and unlimited Iptv on demand, to the Premier deal which offers a huge range of add-ons and has a 10 simultaneous channel line up. In order to reduce costs, they offer several different price options; the one thing that they all have in common is the choice of quality and variety.

The news that TellyHost is the UK’s best Iptv provider was recently announced by James Webster, Movies Anywhere Firestick Managing Director of Digital Cinema Media (DCM). He said that: “TellyHost is the only firm to be rated among the world’s top providers of satellite television.” He added that: “TellyHost has set a benchmark in offering the most innovative ways to watch programming.” This customer satisfaction is further highlighted by the fact that a large percentage of those who use Iptv have chosen TellyHost for their service.

With the latest accolade from one of the most prestigious companies in the industry, TellyHost is definitely the UK’s best IPTV provider and is continuing to grow and expand to meet the growing needs of the industry. It’s truly a remarkable achievement, Movies Anywhere Firestick so take a few minutes to take a look at what they can offer you and how they could benefit you.