A computer network is basically a collection of computers which use a series of common computer communication protocols to share information and resources between the various nodes in the network. Types Of Switches In Networking A computer network consists of all the computers belonging to a single network, a large number of network devices, a few physical links and some physical connections which form an internet. There are two types of networks, primary and secondary, which include Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Infrared, Token Ring and Layer 2 Switching.

The primary network consists of those computers which are connected directly to the central processing unit (CPU) or the central processing unit network (CPU/CPNI). The network devices used for this purpose are hubs that act as the nodes of a computer network and have multiple interfaces connected to other nodes. The other kind of network comprises those which are connected through routers or firewalls, which are used to connect to other computers in different networks. An IP address can be assigned to a computer on the primary network and then it is assigned to a network device that can be an interface such as a router, a switch or a gateway. All these networks are used for various purposes such as creating a secure link between the networks, monitoring security and maintenance of the networks.

The secondary network consists of the computers in the secondary network. They are usually connected to the primary network through the internet. This type of network contains many different types of networking devices including Ethernet cabling, Fibre Channel cabling, Types Of Switches In Networking, Token Ring cabling and Layer 2 Switching cabling. In the case of Ethernet, the Ethernet cable is used for connecting the computers to the Ethernet switch, which then acts as a router. The Fibre Channel cabling is used for connecting the computers in the secondary network. In the case of Infrared, the infrared cables are used for connecting the computers to each other through a modem. In the case of Token Ring, the devices are connected through an ethernet card.