Video Fx Maker is a high-quality video and audio editing software that come with a low price tag. You get hundreds of video effects, transitions, custom sounds, effects and filters and a number of photo effects for your photos. Even the overall appearance of the application remains simple but powerful enough to be used on different devices.

The Video Fx Maker is similar to other video editors out there. It lets you easily insert a movie clip into your videos. To add sound to your clips, you can use the different available effects. 

To edit your videos, you can use different tools like trimming, cropping, cropping to the rectangle and other, commonly used tools.

The Video Fx Maker has a lot of features that make it easier to use. All in all, this makes the editing of your video’s a little easier. The only problem I had with the application was that after every time I updated it, it took some time before I could start editing my videos.

Review Of Video Fx Maker

The application is also compatible with Windows Vista. So it would be good if they update this version so it’s more user friendly and fast.