macOS Catalina 10.15.6 appears to get introduced a bug which leads to system crashes, particularly when using virtualization applications like VirtualBox or VMware.

Consumers of virtualization applications have documented which macOS 10.15.6 crashes when conducting virtual machines.

The objective of a Program Sandbox is to give security to system tools and restrict a program’s access to resources, including memory.

macOS Catalina 10.15.6

VMware engineers have now identified the problem and registered a”detailed” report with Apple, such as a minimum breeding case that ought to permit them to readily identify and handle the matter. The engineer warns that”it is not looking great” going forward, and it’ll probably fall into Apple to solve the matter in a software upgrade to macOS. It’s uncertain if this problem is present in the programmer and general public betas of all macOS Big Sur.

The workaround proposed by most consumers and VMware engineers would be to refrain from installing macOS 10.15.6, or even shutting tablets down when they aren’t being used and simplifies the server as frequently as possible.