Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 is an imaginary metallic material which appears mainly in Superman stories, in particular Superman comics. In its most familiar form, it’s a green, metallic material originating from Krypton which emits strange radiation which weakens Superman (from the original “Superman” comic-book series), but is usually harmless to human beings when exposed to it on a regular basis. But what is Kryptonite, exactly?

The source of this radioactive material is not known. According to DC comics, the radiation was first discovered by “Kryptonite” himself, who was forced to flee from Earth by the Earth’s superheroes in order to hide his secret identity. This led to the formation of the K-Tron – a nuclear-powered, highly advanced satellite which was then sent to the asteroid belt by a NASA craft. There, the K-Tron began absorbing the radiation from space and then emitting it back into space; this led to the radiation being “kryptonite-tainted”.

With this new radiation, Kryptonite causes a great deal of weakness, making Superman unable to defend himself for long periods of time. In fact, Superman was so weakened by the radiation that he actually died when exposed to “Kryptonite” in the comic-book series “Action Comics”.

In modern comics, however, Kryptonite was not created accidentally. It was in fact invented by Dr. Selvig of the Krolshian space station on which Superman is orbiting. At some point during the series, Superman becomes aware of what’s happening on the planet and decides to save the people there. However, when he tries to leave, he ends up falling through the atmosphere and landing onto a desert island, where the Krolshians use his energy to power a device that releases their own radiation into the surrounding area, rendering the Krolshians vulnerable to the radiation.

What happens next is that Superman uses the Krolshian device again, this time on Krolshian soil, and again he ends up in a weakened state, as Kryptonite corrupts his body. and makes him incapable of moving. He also develops “Kryptonite-tainted” cells in his system, which begin to absorb the Krolshonite radiation. and weaken him further. Finally, Superman is killed by one of these cells when he attempts to kill the Krolshians’ leader, General Zod, who’s made of Kryptonite himself.

So, what exactly is Kryptonite? And does it exist in real life?

One theory is that Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 is just another element found in meteorites and other celestial bodies. Others believe that it’s a form of radiation produced by planets such as Mars and Jupiter, which have a high concentration of radioactive elements. Yet, despite the varying theories, the common facts are that both elements are powerful enough to interfere with the normal functioning of the human body, weakening them.

What is Kryptonite? It’s still not clear. In the end, we do know that it can be fatal if you inhale it or come into contact with it, but at least it does exist in some form. In the meantime, if you have any of a number of ailments, it’s best to avoid direct contact with this potentially deadly substance.