Can I get back deleted messages on iPhone? This question is not a new one. There are a number of people who would like to know the answer to this very common question. The simple answer to the question of how to get back deleted messages is that you can’t. You can’t retrieve messages from your iPhone because they were never meant to be deleted in the first place. So in essence, your iPhone will always be full of deleted messages just waiting to be retrieved by anyone who has the ability to do so.

iPhone message deletions can be considered to be somewhat akin to those found in a law firm. Back Deleted Messages on iPhone However, in law firm message deletions are normally sent by means of law firms. In the case of an iPhone you are left with two choices. You can either search through your messages to retrieve messages that have been sent to or from an address that has been deleted. The other choice is to turn off the function that deletes messages in the iPhone. However, in doing so you may never retrieve a message again.

You see, iPhone messages can only be deleted if the messages you are deleting are those that have been saved to your iPhone. Messages that are saved in your email account, message folders in other e-mail accounts and even in text files and attachments that are saved in the cloud will remain in the iPhone even after the person that sent them is no longer able to access their mail account. This is the unfortunate truth of being able to delete messages on iPhone. Therefore you are left with the choice of whether or not to restore the messages or delete them all together. Although this might sound like an unreasonable solution to the question of how to get back deleted messages on iPhone, it is one that has been met with success in the past. The truth is, some users have been able to recover the messages they have lost due to their inability to retrieve messages on their iPhones. In many cases, they were able to recover as much as 99% of their messages back from the iPhone.