Link PAN Card

How to Link PAN Card Nowadays the majority of the banking and financial institutions associate PAN Amount whilst launching a New Bank Account. Much ICICI Bank requires its clients to join the file with the accounts. But if for whatever reason that the PAN has not been connected into this ICICI Bank Account, the following actions mentioned below could be followed closely. Linking PAN Card into a bank account is valuable since it also serves different functions.

The Way to Connect PAN into ICICI Account via Internet Banking

Joining PAN card using ICICI bank accounts via net banking is a simple procedure. It takes two working days to your linking procedure to be finished. Follow the steps below:

Link PAN Card
  • Go to the ICICI internet banking page and login with your User ID and Login Password.
  • Once you log in, you will find the “Service Requests” option at the left side of your window.
  • Click on “Service Requests” and select “PAN Card Updation”.
  • Provide your PAN card number, date of birth on PAN Card and your registered E-mail ID.
  • Once it is done your PAN Card will be linked to the bank account within 2 working days.

How to Link PAN Card to ICICI Bank Account through Phone

To connect your PAN card using ICICI bank accounts by telephone you simply have to dial up the customer support of this lender. Follow the given directions to complete the linking of this PAN with your accounts :

  • Call ICICI bank customer care 1800 102 4242 and follow the IVR process
  • Once you are connected to the executive, ask about the details of linking PAN with your account.
  • Follow the process and provide details regarding bank account number, ATM card number and your residential address
  • Once these details are verified tell your PAN card number. This will be linked to the ICICI account within 2 working days Notification via SMS and email will be sent.


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