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Australia lost the series against India 2-1 at 2018/19, but the group, that not so long past retained the Ashes on English land, has been boosted by the return of this duo of Smith, India vs West Indies Warner as well as the development of newcomer Marnus Labuschagne. The 35-year-old Tasmanian maintained that Australia had learnt their lessons in the last tour and claimed that they are much more powerful and well prepared than they had been two decades back. Australian Test skipper Tim Paine thinks that the lack of audiences won’t affect players at the coming series between India and Australia as players have a tendency to overlook audiences the minute they step on the area. India vs West Indies Paine further promised that Australia is currently more powerful than they had been in 2018.
“A great deal of time in that previous show, we did not get enough runs on the board to set them under stress.

India vs West Indies

India vs West Indies

The lack of the Steve Smith and David Warner from the 2018/19 series supposed the Indian bowlers mauled an undercover Australian batting line-up and Paine had the belief that the hosts would need to become strong with the bat, time around, India vs West Indies so to allow them to take control of proceeding.
“I really don’t believe it (no audience ) should impact anybody. As soon as you head on the market, it really quickly narrows down to what is happening on the pitch. Most players have a tendency to forget that the audience as soon as they’re in the heat of the struggle. So audience or no audience, it will all boil down to doing and executing your abilities improved,” Paine said through interaction with supporters using a video telephone on Tuesday afternoon, reported TOI.
This has made many experts feel that it might change the course of the way the matches are played, because of players flourishing off audience energy, but based on Australian Test skipper Tim Paine, vacant stands won’t really make a difference. Paine said that gamers have a tendency to forget about the viewer as soon as they set foot to the area and maintained the course of games will be characterized by the players’ ability and functionality.
I am convinced we have learnt a great deal from playing them and we believe we’re a much better team today than we were then.”

But a significant gap in the show, when compared with previous Border-Gavaskar Trophy bouts, India vs West Indies is going to be the lack of audiences, together with all the Covid-19 pandemic virtually putting an end to reside audiences for the near future because of the possible threat of endangering public health security.

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